Security & Backups

Hope is not a strategy

Data and internet security issues are hardly out of the news these days but that’s for a reason. Legislation, compliance, information governance, company intelligence and data privacy are just a few of the considerations when defining your IT security strategy and policies. However, storage and back-up, disaster recovery and fending off everyday threats via the internet are all part of the security services we offer.

Our security systems include:

  • Email Filtering
  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Managed Firewalls
  • Security Auditing & Testing

Disaster Recovery

The very word ‘disaster’ conjures up daunting images, but something as mundane as a dropped laptop, spilt coffee or theft can mean a loss of important and valuable information. Restoring this data or system as quickly as possible suddenly becomes paramount.

Our range of Disaster Recovery solutions include:

  • High Availability services that get systems back up and running almost immediately, even after a major server crash
  • Low Availability services that restore systems within a defined period of time, such as the next business day
  • Bespoke back-up solutions ranging from removable hard disc drives to online back-up solutions
  • Back-up solution testing


We have excellent relationships with internet service providers and can advise on and manage these services on behalf of our clients. We are also happy to liaise with incumbent suppliers as part of our comprehensive service.

To improve your business security or protection, speak to one of our consultants today